Experience Fully Automated Order Management with GLOVIA® OM

In the Order Management Space GLOVIA® OM provides a powerfully connected experience between an organization their customers, channel partners, dealers and distributors. It is reach in feature to manage both simply and complex order functions.

The top 5 key highlights of GLOVIA® OM for order management include:

Seamlessly Connected Order Operations (Customer Journeys)


Enterprise System of Engagement

Unified Commerce

Artificial Intelligence

Key Features

GLOVIA® OM is a cloud based Order Management solution built on the Salesforce.com platform. The multi tenant cloud architecture provides a secure, reliable solution that’s built to scales as an organization grows. It comes loaded with intuitive persona driven applications and easy to configuration views, pages and reports to enable a superior user experience and proven accelerated adoption.

Production and Delivery Strategy
Multi channel Order Hub
Order Fullfillment
AI Analytics and Decision Support

GLOVIA® OM – Order Management Features:

Multi-channel Order Management

Order Management for various channels like B2B, B2C, B2B2C or D2C models. Manage different types of orders like standard sales orders, subscription orders, returns, credits, back-to-back orders for drop-ship, consignment orders, inventory transfers, and rental orders.

Omni-channel Order Orchestration Hub

Digital platform to serve multiple order channels like Direct or Indirect Sales, Customer Self-service, Customer Service, EDI or Webservice, Marketplace (like Amazon, Walmart, etc.), B2B and B2C Commerce channels.

CRM Integration

Native integration with Salesforce CRM or utilize real-time APIs to connect with other CRM platforms. Combine the power of real-time CRM and Order Management data and events to deliver a meaningful customer experience.

Reporting and Analytics

Provide easy-to-use reports and dashboards so that users can manage their work day and also optimize business processes.


Utilize the Einstein AI platform to enrich any GLOVIA® OM process tailored to your business needs.

Intelligent Allocation and Fulfillment

AI and data-driven, highly configurable order allocation and fulfillment engine that allows Customer Service, Supply Chain team and the channel partner to work together and enable the organization to be very responsive to changing customer demands.

Pricing & Shipping rates Management

Robust portfolio of pricing, promotions, programs, coupons, retail stores price list by zone, B2B customer price lists and other complex discounts management and orchestration for the entire enterprise. GLOVIA® OM can act as the System of Record for pricing or can be used as System of Price management while integrating with your System of Record.

Order Fulfillment and notifications

Simple to complex order fulfillment functions within GLOVIA® OM or integrate with your distribution partners. It also provides real-time status of order stages to generate notifications for your customers to keep them informed.

Product Data Management

Manage or integrate Product master to serve different order channels. Utilize multiple unit-of-measure, cross-sell, up-sell, substitution rules, product kits, services, value-added-services, and other attributes that empower your customer journey orchestrations.

Loyalty Management

Reward your loyal customers with flexible loyalty programs.

Credit and Returns Management

End-to-end RMA processing including returns receipts and disposition, managing credits and settlements.

Subscription Orders

Flexible subscription order management capabilities to enable you to provide frictionless customer journeys to your customers.

Services and Value added Services

Manage Services and Value-added-services with your products including pricing, service delivery, and fulfillment of value-added-services.

Extensive APIs

Using our ‘API-first’ approach, the entire architecture is built to support extensive integrations between GLOVIA® OM and other enterprise applications like eCommerce, ERP, Data Warehouses, third-party services, etc. Leverage our pre-built integration templates to integrate with most common ERP applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.

Global Solution

GLOVIA® OM runs natively on Salesforce.com platform so it is ready out-of-the-box to support global deployments with multi-currency and multi-language.

Offline Capable Mobile Apps

These features empower sales teams to manage their quotes and orders anytime, anywhere, on any device, and with full or no internet connectivity.

Enhanced Capabilities to Support Multiple User Personas

We understand our Order Management Hub can only be successful when it also acts as a collaboration engine for all stakeholders that play a role in delivering top Customer Experience. These roles can vary, from customer service and sales reps to suppliers and channel partners and includes machine-to-machine (M2M) integrated automation.

Search Recommendations

Ability to get recommendations and/or suggestions for other products based on current and/or past searches.

No code / low-code / pro-code Platform

GLOVIA® OM is built and runs natively on Salesforce Cloud platform. It is designed and architected to support any type of development models, that your organization wants to adopt.

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