Optimize and Improve your Order Manage Operations with Intelligent Allocation

The biggest differentiator for GLOVIA® OM Order Management solution is its Intelligent Order Routing and fulfillment capabilities enable customers to better manage and fulfil orders.

Whether D2C, B2B, or B2B2C, GLOVIA® OM can receive an order, appraise the inventory assortment, location variables, and delivery SLA to then determine the end-to-end cost by fulfillment option in an instant. GLOVIA® OM then offers Intelligent Allocation for those orders that will be optimized to your unique business rules that are configurable in production with our Intelligent Allocation Cockpit. So whether you’re fulfilling from a store, warehouse, fulfillment center, distributor, manufacturer, vendor or other third party locations, GLOVIA® OM handles the challenges of complex fulfillment with ease.

Key Benefits:

Intelligent Allocation Engine

The most important lesson we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that Supply Chain disruptions can occur without notice and require quick response. Hence, we incorporated a lot of capabilities to provide an Intelligent Cockpit that lets Customer Service teams, Supply Chain managers and even Store Manager to react to dynamic supply chain and fulfillment situations. This enables the users to analyze real-time data and make adjustments to the fulfillment settings without requiring system changes or lengthy deployment cycles.

GLOVIA® OM provides an intelligent allocation engine that allows orders from any channel to be allocated to the best available fulfillment location based on the customer’s preference and dynamic supply chain attributes like available inventory positioning, capacity and logistics cost. As a turn-key Omni channel solution, GLOVIA® OM enables you to cater orders from any source whether its ecommerce, an order placed in a store, third party websites and online marketplaces, distributors, direct mail, catalog, or social GLOVIA® OM also integrates quickly and easily through our intelligent machine-to-machine capabilities like APIs, EDI or ESB.

Key Features

GLOVIA®OM Intelligent Allocation and Order Orchestration:

GLOVIA® OM also closes a critical feedback loop with the order channel sources to ensure that the entire supply chain network is functioning smoothly. For example, if a store reaches its maximum capacity for handling BOPIS orders, or a distribution center experiences an unforeseen service outage, GLOVIA® OM can quickly take action by informing the eCommerce channels and manage the stress by rerouting order deliveries immediately. The very nature of a complex supply chain network is constant change. Thus, an intelligent allocation engine not only needs to contain a rich set of allocation rules, but it also needs to provide agility to businesses so they can react quickly to unplanned supply chain events. GLOVIA® OM’s fully configurable Intelligent Allocation Cockpit enables the creation and instrumentation of allocation rules via an intuitive user interface, allowing you to adjust any allocation setting.

As a centralized cross-channel order management solution, GLOVIA® OM enables orders to be allocated intelligently from not just any source, but the best source. Location, assortment, customer delivery commitment and cost form the core of the decisioning GLOVIA® OM appraises. Factors such as inventory outflow velocity, inbound order and outbound channel priorities, as well as execution performance history, are just some of the other key factors GLOVIA® OM can evaluate prior to routing, and all in real-time. For example, store associates can be empowered to get insight into inventory visibility across all stores and warehouses as well as reserve inventory for customers at other locations, for pickup, or shipping.

Allocation Engine Settings

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